Fall Events

Beloved PTO traditions like the Back to School Picnic, Walk To School Day & the Halloween Fair are events that give not only students, but also parents, the opportunity to gather together and community build. The children love these events because they are fun & parents love them because they help foster meaningful community connections. At our Back to School Picnic, we dedicated a bike rack to former Assistant Principal Terry Costin; the children were very excited to see him & the new bike rack! Walk to School Day was loads of fun as the children walked with their parents, peers and KES staff members into the KES Courtyard where there was music to greet them! Many thanks to PTO Halloween committee members, Julie Creech & Teryn Kendall, and all parent volunteers they recruited who helped create the spooky magic of the Halloween Fair. The Fair is a great fundraiser and also a fun way to get to know other parents in your children’s class. The costumes are adorable and original because nowhere does Halloween quite like Katonah!