2019 Science Fair

Katonah's youngest scientists asked some fascinating research questions at the Third Annual KES Science Fair. Through their experiments and research for the Science Fair, students are encouraged to see science as a real and vital part of their lives. Local professional scientists and KLSD faculty and administrators in lab coats engaged the students in thoughtful conversations about their research, allowing KES students to celebrate what they learned as well as consider the different potential career opportunities an interest in science can bring. Science fairs spark life long curiosity for students and we can't wait to see what innovations and technologies KES students will continue to develop when they wear their own white lab coats!

PARP Character Day

KES was buzzing with excitement on Character Day! To mark the end the month long PARP (Pick A Reading Partner) celebrations, our creative kids transformed themselves into a wide variety of characters from their favorite stories. Character Day is a fun way to celebrate the joys of reading by bringing stories to life. The students attended their monthly sharing assembly in costume and they were all smiles checking out each others costumes. Principal Harris and many of our KES teachers also celebrated by dressing in costumes for the day. Thank you so much to all of our administrators and teachers for generating such enthusiasm and positive energy by celebrating reading with our children. 

PARP Starry Story Night

Pick A Reading Partner (PARP), celebrated throughout the month of March, is one of KES students' favorite months of the school year. Administrators, parents and students came together at KES for Starry Story Night to share in the laughter and excitement of their favorite faculty and staff reading (and, in some cases, performing!) the student's favorite stories. For parents, this is an opportunity to share in the magical learning environments that our KES teachers and administrators create for their students. The love our students have for learning, and for their teachers and administrators, is clear to see on Starry Story Night. Students come dressed in their pajamas, clutching their favorite stuffed animals, eager to be whisked away on the adventures of storytelling. 

Fall Events

Beloved PTO traditions like the Back to School Picnic, Walk To School Day & the Halloween Fair are events that give not only students, but also parents, the opportunity to gather together and community build. The children love these events because they are fun & parents love them because they help foster meaningful community connections. At our Back to School Picnic, we dedicated a bike rack to former Assistant Principal Terry Costin; the children were very excited to see him & the new bike rack! Walk to School Day was loads of fun as the children walked with their parents, peers and KES staff members into the KES Courtyard where there was music to greet them! Many thanks to PTO Halloween committee members, Julie Creech & Teryn Kendall, and all parent volunteers they recruited who helped create the spooky magic of the Halloween Fair. The Fair is a great fundraiser and also a fun way to get to know other parents in your children’s class. The costumes are adorable and original because nowhere does Halloween quite like Katonah!

Kindergarten Orientation

Late in the summer, the KES PTO helped put together a favorite tradition... Kindergarten Orientation. Nervous incoming kindergarteners’ worries transformed into excitement as they met their teachers and classmates while exploring impeccably decorated classrooms. While the children sat down for story time with their new teachers, parents joined the administrators for an information session on the big transition to elementary school. 


KES PTO: What we DO...

We’re so fortunate to be a part of this thriving KES village community which offers so many amazing ways to volunteer! Thank you to ALL of our volunteers who ensure this is a place where our children can flourish! Special recognition to our wonderful '18-'19 Exec. Board Members: Eileen Sullivan, Samantha Holcman, Kristin Condon, Sarah Becker, Leah DeSantis, Kathy Campbell, Doreen Siciliano, Jessica Binney, Precious Ruppenstein, Kerry McGill & Kristen Lawton. A round of applause to our fantastic Principal Cristy Harris, our terrific Assistant Principal Kweon Stambaugh and our fabulous PTO teacher liaisons Kim Buckley (representing the lower grades) & Lynn Garofalo (representing the upper grades) for their unending dedication and commitment to making KES an amazing place to be. Special thanks to KES Secretaries Debbie Winter & Maria Horton and Custodian, George Cook, who are always available to help whenever needed. We'd also like to acknowledge Janine LaFond, our parent volunteer Webmaster who continually helps us with our new PTO website. If you've been to a PTO General Membership meeting this year, thank you for coming! We hope you've noticed the new, collaborative, round-table style seating which really fosters discussion. If you haven't yet attended a meeting, please join us at the next one as there is terrific information shared! If you have any interest in getting involved/volunteering, please reach out! 

The image is our year at a glance- what the PTO raises and contributes to Katonah Elementary School. Thank you for all your time, support and involvement in making the PTO strong! 

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