The Greatest Gift

Assemblies, greenhouses and gardens, field trips (lots of field trips), class room parents, school pictures, yearbooks, school supplies, scholarships. Sounds like what every elementary school child should experience, doesn’t it? But these events are not provided by the school district. They are gifts given by the Katonah Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization.

It’s astonishing what the PTO accomplishes every single school year. And the truly amazing feat is the consistency from year to year. Consistency is vital so all KES graduates, whether they are currently in 12th grade or Kindergarten, ultimately have a shared narrative of their KES experience.

The PTO is, essentially, a phenomenally well run non-profit. So who does this stuff? For free? Who spends months planning the Family Dance? Or the Spring Fundraiser? The Halloween Fair? The Yearbook? After School Activities? With absolutely no expectation of return? Or even a “thank you”? It’s not done by KLSD. It’s done by YOU! Members and contributors of the KES PTO! You are the greatest gift.

Thank you to all of you who do so much to support the KES PTO and provide tremendous educational opportunity and experiences for all the children of KES, past and present! Your help, hard work, time, expertise, and resources are absolutely vital.

Here are some fabulous pictures from the KES PTO Spring Fundraiser. Who took them? A volunteer. Naturally.

  • Anne Foray